Monday, 15 August 2016

While in South Campus

Now who does not love food? If you say you do, then uh? Why you lying bruh?

I swear every South Campus kid adores Satya Niketan, even after the place being a little crowded and noisy; this however does not stop the DU crowd from visiting the place. Guess why? Such a wide variety at such a low price, it's unbelievable!

Go check out the newly opened Pirates of Campus!

Their Virgin Mojito is a must try, and I promise the hookah they serve will leave your brain freezed (pun intended)

Pirates of Campus, Satya Niketan

Brain Freezer & Sex on the Beach

Baked Cheese Nachos

Wanna know how much we paid for this? Rs. 650!!
Now you have every reason to be at the Pirates' ;)

Tanu & Ritwika

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Tanu: tanushreesingh
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  1. The place looks nice, will surely visit with my friends. Thanks for the good info tanu and ritwika!!

  2. If they only would have served beer it would have been sinister!!! Still will try it!

  3. Hawelii ha pura....ausm plc to vist

  4. Hawelii ha pura....ausm plc to vist